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Welcome to 747-737 JETHOPS where everyone is welcome, please come join our sessions and fly with us.

747-737 JETHOPS livery can be downloaded from www.flightsim.com, search jet hops. 

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Members to answer some of your questions, please read the FAQ page.






Welcome to the 747-737 JETHOPS Center, your central hub location for Flight Simulator X Jet Hops multilplayer hosted sessions around the world.  We are a friendly session that enjoys flying civilian jets in an online FSX multiplayer environment.  The 747-737 JETHOPS Center is your online source for keeping up to date and staying informed regarding the hosting of FSX multiplayer online Jet Hop sessions.


Thank you for visiting the 747-737 JETHOPS Center and for participating in any FSX multiplayer sessions.  Becoming a member is highly recommended!!!


Please remember that this is a very friendly online environment where everyone is welcomed to come fly and join with us in multi-leg controlled jet hop sessions.  You will fly into many different types of facilities and environmental settings, where as runway lengths may be as short as 6000ft and/or unpredictable weather conditions.  Typically most general hops will have a distance between 60nm - 300nm.  Choose your favorite aircraft equipment or try something new you downloaded and come fly with us, we promise much excitement and fun! Please join and become a member!  Other session rules are listed below but not limited to.


1. Commercial Jets Only

   (ex. Boeings 737, 747, 787, Airbuses A321, A340, A380

    Canadair CRJ700, McDonnell Douglas DC9, DC10, MD80)

2. ABSOLUTELY! NO Fighter Jets, Military Aircraft or  Learjets

3. Do Not Spawn On A Runway, Spawn At A Gate

4. Pay Attention To The Chat Box For Airport Codes And Information

5. Check For Active ATC Before Taxiing

6. FSX Voice Chat On UNICOM Channel 122.95

7. Please Fly Responsibly And Show Courtesy To Other Players

8. Always Read Session Descriptions Before Joining Session

9. 747-737_Server IP Address:

Time Zones